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there are some pretty people / on this earth, my goodness./ the sad part is it takes most people a lifetime to realize / what pretty is / and how to see it. / deathbeds are / revelations of our aesthetic / existence. / one day it will be much too late / and / the burden of beauty unseen / will hit you like a comet to the / chest; / all i ask from you now / is to love what is difficult / to love and / find what is difficult to / see. 

- Christopher Poindexter

“Its the whole analogy of it I suppose, It’s kind of like a disease. Now I don’t want to disrespect anybody with faith, the idea of belief in god or personal faith, or something which helps you deal with with whatever. Believing in god, that’s fair enough. Its when, religion infringing on other peoples liberties, it’s when religion is telling you to stone homosexuals, its when monotony religions find a place at the center of politics, and society and modern society’s conduct themselves based on religious beliefs . Now that’s dangerous . And that’s why you have loads of shit like war and stuff - to make it sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about - I just think, I’m not a fan of religion. I don’t know who it was that said ” Why can’t people look at their garden, and be amazed, without having to believe there’s fairies at the bottom.” The idea of being part of this kind of tapestry of humanity - for me - is such a more enlightening and fascinating idea. Than some kind of ridiculous ideology. And I think the only time we’ll ever get rid of religion , is when we have education without religious intervention because, If you have that then there is no religion. If you teach people scientific facts before religious ideology then there is no question in which way they will sway. That’s my opinion ” on it .”

Matty Healy on religion (via headcarsbended)